A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult. -Melinda Gates


Kristin Bentley

Co-founder + Executive Director

Before moving to WA and founding Northwest Military Wives, Kristin was the award-winning editor of the National Infantry Association's magazine, The Infantry Bugler, and awarded the Shield of Sparta. Her background includes experience as a reporter, journalist, and the creator + publisher of three successful online magazines. Today she enjoys entrepreneurship as the owner of a boutique PR + marketing firm, focused on serving small business owners... and enjoys working from home with her two toddlers. Through her experiences as a military spouse, and now the wife of a combat-disabled veteran and mom to a child with special needs, she's learned happiness and a strong sense of self aren't something any woman should sacrifice.


Kelly Lavers

Co-founder + Vice President 

 Originally from Vermont, Kelly moved to the Pacific Northwest many years before meeting her soldier. As a military wife, she remembers how lonely it can be and feels passionately about creating an organization that she wished was available during those hard times. As she became the owner of Wild Fern Photography - featured on the cover of in publications such as Mercer Living Magazine and 253 Magazine - after her husband's transition to a Kirkland police officer, she realized how important it is for women to support and uplift one another, and enjoys opportunities to give back to our military community.


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